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Gero-punk Project: Call for Collaboration

Hey, friends! I always think better with others, so I’m putting out the call for some help, looking for a few willing comrades who’d like to play with me. Have I piqued your interest? If so, read on! Here’s what’s … Continue reading

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Gero-punk Contemplations: Dear Spider

Dear Spider, I meant to honor you by taking a photo or two of your physics-defying web created outside the back door. You asleep in the center of the intricate structure, did the flash of the camera cause you to … Continue reading

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Gero-punk Lexicon: “Memo-festo”

Gero-punks, being punky and anti-normative, have a fondness for the manifesto, a genre of writing through which we declare publicly our deeply held principles and our intentions for enacting our deeply held principles (see, for example, my “Gero-punk Manifesto.”). The … Continue reading

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