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Gero-Punk Contemplation: Inviting our future older selves for a visit

Would you like to invite your future older self for a visit? Here are some questions to contemplate: When you attempt to visualize your older self, who and what do you see? How much older are you than you are … Continue reading

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Gero-Punk Invitation: Our Future Older Selves

At least twenty years ago, I began to cultivate an intentional relationship with my future older self. I invited my future older self to visit me whenever I felt like it. The first time I met future me was during … Continue reading

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Gero-Punk Review: Sometimes we have to talk about unpleasant things

A few months ago it was suggested to me that I read the memoir Can’t we talk about something more pleasant? by cartoonist and writer Roz Chast. Because the person who recommended this book, Erica, happens to be my best … Continue reading

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