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Gero-Punk Contemplations: Clutter

 By Guest Gero-Punk Melinda E. Pittman (Guitar Goddess is by Owen Carey Photography) The cellar is damp, crepuscular. Corners, crowded with form, seem to shift while waves /particles swirl in the wintering sun. Matter and energy, momentarily captive, are freed … Continue reading

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Gero-Punk Trickstering-and-Treating

Happy Halloween! What was your favorite Halloween costume when you were growing up? A pirate? A forest fairy? A Disney character? A bumble bee? A vampire? A ghost? A ballerina? An historical character? A lady bug? A railroad engineer? A … Continue reading

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Gero-punk metalogue: Lightning filled her room

I hadn’t seen my beloved Gramma Jewell since 2010. Far too long, perhaps the longest in my entire life I’d ever gone in between visits with her, but for various reasons I still don’t fully understand, in recent years my … Continue reading

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