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Gero-Punk Anagnorisis: From Denial to Embodiment

(*anagnorisis: a new development in a story.) A guest gero-punk essay by an author who asks to remain anonymous I married young. Before I really had a sense of myself, I fell in love and married a wonderfully loving man. … Continue reading

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Gero-punk metalogue: Lightning filled her room

I hadn’t seen my beloved Gramma Jewell since 2010. Far too long, perhaps the longest in my entire life I’d ever gone in between visits with her, but for various reasons I still don’t fully understand, in recent years my … Continue reading

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Gero-Punk Anniversary Celebration: We’ve Gone Global!

This Thursday will be the two year anniversary of the Gero-Punk Project! Hooray! Over the past twelve months I’ve published 50 Gero-Punk essays of various sorts, for a total of 116 essays published since the birth of this project. These … Continue reading

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