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Gero-Punk Practice: Styles of Embodiment Fieldwork

Rationale:  An opportunity to be present in the present to what and whom is present; to exercise your contemplative and interpretive capacities; to expand your experience and awareness of your own and others’ embodiment; to enhance your appreciation of the … Continue reading

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Gero-Punk Ponderings: Can we make obsolescence obsolete?

 Guest Gero-Punk: Jennifer Ortiz*   Like it or not, our identity has been intricately woven into the consumerist ideal. As laborers, we are disposable. As soldiers, we are dispensable. As spouses or lovers, we are replaceable. We consume to live … Continue reading

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Gero-Punk Contemplation: Election Day

Isobel, my sixteen year old daughter, ditched school today. As it is Election Day, she wanted to work the phone-banks at the Democratic campaign headquarters in Portland. When she emailed one of her teachers to let him know why she’d … Continue reading

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