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You are invited to a Gero-Punk play-date!

Greetings to you!  Those of you who are local or close to the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area, please accept this invitation to participate in a Gero-Punk play-date! When: Sunday, December 11, 2:30-4:30 p.m. Where: Multnomah County Library Sellwood-Moreland Branch.  What’s … Continue reading

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A Gero-Punk Manifesto, reduxed and revised

I am a gero-punk (and a practitioner of Gerontological Anarchy). This is my manifesto. What is a “gero-punk,” you ask? Well, far be it from me to claim to have a definitive answer, but I will say this: to be … Continue reading

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Gero-Punk Remembrance: Soggy Grilled Cheese

Soggy Grilled Cheese  By Guest Essayist  Megan Schiele   Her voice came over the baby monitor as we were eavesdropping to hear what she was saying. “Where is the remote?” She often did that when she thought no one was … Continue reading

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