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Gero-Punk Public Service Announcement

Okay, it’s that time again. Time for a gero-punk public service announcement! We’ve had a bunch of new folks join the Gero-Punk Project in the past couple of weeks. Hello to those of you residing in Ireland, India, and various … Continue reading

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Gero-Punk Dispatch: I’m getting better with age

Oh, golly, but I am completely thrashed. I’m so tired! I have a ton to talk with you about, but because I’m so tired – exhausted, actually – and because I still have a bunch of official work to do … Continue reading

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Gero-Punk Practice: February 14th, 4:59 a.m.

Tomorrow is Isobel’s 18th birthday! When my obstetrician revealed the expected due date – Valentine’s Day — for when my child might be born, she was careful to preface the news by informing me that women rarely give birth on … Continue reading

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