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Gero-Punk Report: I am not a sandwich.

Whew, what a week! But I am glad to report that my close-in people and I made it through and are only temporarily worse for the wear. I woke up early today, earlier than I’d usually be up on a … Continue reading

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Gero-Punk Preoccupations: “Live in the layers, not on the litter”

The events of this week have left me disoriented, disconcerted, rough around the edges. Three nights in a row I slept soundly – which surprises me given how I have been spinning  like a top — yet three mornings in … Continue reading

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Gero-Punk Collaboration: Mommy goes back to school

A couple of months ago my daughter Isobel asked me if I would see whether or not we could borrow our friend’s cabin in the foothills of Mt. Hood so that she and some of her closest friends from the … Continue reading

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