Gero-Punk Adventures: Haiku Travel-blog

Three generations; two weeks; three countries and many places (and planes, trains, automobiles, boats, and tons of walking).


Napping on the plane.

   What is time above the clouds?

    Fragmentary self.


 Jet-lagged in the Tuileries

So young and naïve

posed in in those famous gardens.

I thought I was loved.




He tends the spirit,

chest high in water lilies.

Oh, that I could paint!


rue dombrasle

Rue Dombasle

The weather has changed.

It seems louder with wet streets.

Where’s my umbrella?




Sipping cider in

the shade of the cathedral.

What do the crows think?


Des Lumieres

Miracle unfolds:

The starry night sings to me!

Boy naps in mom’s lap.


Line 12

Ignoring danger,

wee boy clambers over seats.

Hot evening metro.



Tending her garden.

Tomatoes already watered?

Paris thunderstorm.



Three generations,

living out of one suitcase.

Will we all survive?



Turning in worship,

our faces warmed by the sun.

Fields of sunflowers.




Careening wildly

through old streets like mountain trails.

Looking up. Oh! Stars!

do not touch the plants


Do not touch the plants!

(But what if the plants touch me?)

Poppy shakes my hand.



As the city sinks

my heart rises like the heat.

Water everywhere!



I’ve heard it said that

the old are invisible.

Perhaps we don’t see?


Late Night

Starting to cool down.

Going to make my way to bed.

Pigeons coo coo coo.

paris pigeon

6:00 a.m., Last day

The Parisian doves –

with only a slight accent –

warn “hot day ahead!”




About Jenny Sasser, Ph.D.

I am a freelance educational gerontologist, writer, community activist and facilitator. I am former Chair of the Department of Human Sciences and Director of Gerontology at Marylhurst University. I joined the faculty as an adjunct member of the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies program in 1997 and since that time, I've been involved in designing many on-campus and web-based courses and programs for adult learners, including in Gerontology. As an undergraduate I attended Willamette University, graduating Cum Laude in Psychology and Music; my interdisciplinary graduate studies at University of Oregon and Oregon State University focused on the Human Sciences, with specialization areas in adult development and aging, women’s studies, and critical social theory and alternative research methodologies. My dissertation became part of a book published in 1996 and co-authored with Dr. Janet Lee--Blood Stories: Menarche and the Politics of the Female Body in Contemporary US Society. Over the past twenty (or more!) years I have been involved in inquiry in the areas of creativity in later life; older women's embodiment; sexuality and aging; critical Gerontological theory; transformational adult learning practices; and inter-generational friendships and cross-generational collaborative inquiry. I am co-author, with Dr. Harry R. Moody of Aging: Concepts and Controversies (now in its 10th edition!) and first author, also with Moody, of the recently published Gerontology: The Basics, as well as author/co-author of several book chapters, articles and essays. I am on the Portland Community College Gerontology Program faculty.
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3 Responses to Gero-Punk Adventures: Haiku Travel-blog

  1. Kate kelly says:

    Nice rhythm to capture a scene succinctly. The pictures also add a nice perspective? Love it!

  2. Jackie Fowler says:

    A journey to remember for 3 lifetimes — what a wonderful gift to give each other, Jenny. Thanks so much for sharing a bit of your experience. xo

  3. Jan Abushakrah says:

    i finally got around to reading these, drinking in your rhythm and the beautiful photos. Such a lovely way to capture so many levels of experience! Thanks!

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